Bidding Quiz by Barbara Seagram


Bidding Quiz

Barbara Seagram

Posted 2012-09-05

This article is really for novices and intermediates. Tell me what your bid should be? You hold the following hands. The bidding has proceeded:

1 – Pass – Pass to you

  1.  x     AJ10     Kxxx     QJ109
  2.  Qxx     AJ10     KQX     AJ9x
  3.  Q5432     xx     AQxx     xx
  4.  Axx     Axxx     Q10x     xxx
  5.  KQ10xx     xx     AKQx     xx
  6.  xx     AQx     xxx     AQJ98

And now tell me what your bid would have been if the bidding had proceeded 1 on your right.

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Originally published on December 27, 2007

Posted by Teach Bridge Staff

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