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Teaching with Beginning Bridge

book coverBeginning Bridge, by Barbara Seagram and Linda Lee, is a great resource for teaching students who have never played bridge or a similar card game. Here are some tips for integrating this book into your teaching.

How to Run a Successful Novice / Intermediate Program

iconRead sections compiled from the article, “Running a Successful Novice/Intermediate Program at a Club” by Barbara Seagram, owner of Barbara Seagram School of Bridge, written September 30, 2008

Copy Right: Information on Copyright Law for Bridge Teachers

Ray Lee, editor and publisher, discusses copyright. “I am often asked by bridge teachers what they can and cannot do with published material in the classroom. Their intended uses run from using an example deal out of a book in a lesson through to photocopying chapter summaries and quizzes to use as handouts. When a teacher asks us for permission to do something like the latter, we look at every case on its own merits and try to be accommodating. However, let me give you some broad guidelines, and (I hope) answer some of the most common questions.” – Ray Lee

Teaching on Cruises

In this article series, Barbara Seagram shares her advice and experience on teaching bridge on cruises.