Eligibility and Selection

2017-2018 ABTA Master Point Press Teacher of The Year

Student Requirements for Submission:

  1. You must have your teacher’s permission for nomination.
  2. Only individual teachers are eligible for nomination.
  3. Nominations must be submitted by a single person, additional students may sign on to the nomination form as “supporting nominators”
  4. No previous winner is eligible for a second award, but previous nominees may be nominated again, in future years
  5. The nominated teacher must meet all eligibility criteria (below)
  6. Maximum 8 nomination forms per teacher

Teacher Eligibility:

In order to be considered for the Teacher of the Year award, each nominee must:

  • Have been a bridge teacher for at least 5 years
  • Be a member of the ACBL OR ABA
  • Be a member of ABTA or prepared to join the ABTA if nominated
  • Teach a minimum of 75 hours per year (e.g. 2 hours a week for 38 weeks or 3 hours a week for 25 weeks) etc.

Teacher Eligibility Criteria for Teacher of the Year Award

Teachers will be considered with a focus on the following qualities (detailed description below)

  • Teaching excellence 55%
  • Innovation 25%
  • Service to bridge 15%
  • Service to the community 5%

A. Teaching excellence (55%)

  • student response or recommendations
  • percentage of students who join organized bridge games
  • quality of material used in courses especially personally developed material
  • use of bridge material and reference material from published bridge authorities
  • recommendation of other teachers or bridge professionals
  • rationale provided by nominator(s)
  • original written material used in teaching students

B. Innovation (25%) Demonstration of innovation associated with bridge teaching or bridge promotion including but not limited to:

  • Bridge teaching methods
  • Reaching out to youth
  • Teaching seniors
  • Teaching material
  • Course content and approach
  • Promotion of bridge
  • Promotion of teacher
  • Use of the Internet

C. Service to Bridge (15%) This will be based on evidence such as:

  • promotion of bridge and their own services through newsletters, websites, columns in print media, TV, or internet
  • role in organizing events for students but also for all players such as tournaments
  • establishing or participating in programs to teach bridge to young people
  • all attempts to build the bridge community, encourage participation in bridge games,
  • tournaments, online and in person, membership in the ACBL or ABA
  • mentoring including mentoring students or other teachers or directors
  • building local bridge clubs and bridge games
  • encouraging students to participate in bridge tournaments
  • any and all efforts which will help to promote the game of bridge and/or the services of the teacher.

D. Service to the Community (5%)

  • All volunteer activities but especially those related to bridge. This could include donating services in teaching or running games
  • Organizing and participating in charitable events with a focus on those associated with bridge but other charity activities will be considered.
  • All efforts associated with raising money for bridge (e.g. money for youth, international teams, promotion of bridge) etc.
  • Any other demonstrable activities which help the community in which that person resides whether bridge related or not and whether paid or not.


Richard Braunstein, Chairman
2017-­2018 Teacher of the Year

454 Haverhill Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Deadline for submissions: April 15, 2018

Teacher of the Year 2017‐2018 Committee: Mary Jane Orock, Joyce Penn, Tina Radding, Enid Roitman, Barbara Seagram, Kathie Walsh, Linda Lee and Richard Braunstein, Chairman.