Linda TuffLinda Tuff

Interview by Anisa Nixon


This past July at the 2013 ABTA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the ABTA was proud to accredit four new teachers. To introduce them to the ABTA world, we’ve asked each of them a few questions.

Please join us in welcoming Linda Tuff to the ABTA’s ranks of Master Teachers.

How did you get into bridge?

I started playing bridge in university, and I’ve been playing ever since — loved it from the beginning!

How long have you been playing?

Since 1973. This year is my fortieth anniversary of playing.

What do you like best about the game?

I love the challenge and the social aspects of the game.

What are your favorite bridge books?

So much fabulous material is available. I used a lot of Eddie Kantar’s material this summer for intermediate workshops. Barbara Seagram and David Bird’s 25 Ways to be a Better Defenderis a great book for both teachers and students.

What is your favorite convention?

I love Forcing Stayman.

How long have you been teaching?

Twenty years.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Be passionate about your subject – it will be contagious.

How often/how many times a week do you teach?

In the busy season, I teach three to four classes a week — along with an Advanced Supervised Play workshop. I also direct one Open game and four I/N games a week.

How do you develop your lesson plans?

Lots of suggestions for review with the I/N crowd come from our weekly games. At Halifax Bridge World (HBW) we have a dealing machine and hand records for all games, so there is no lack of material.

Are you currently taking new students?

Yes I am currently registering new students for our fall lessons. I will be presenting Easybridge this fall along with a series of Intermediate workshops at Halifax Bridge World, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Do you have a website where students can find you? Or any other contact information you would like to share?

Please visit My email is

Do you have any advice for other teachers?

My best advice is to make learning to play bridge a fun experience, like a game if you will!

Do you have any other hobbies, in addition to bridge?

I took up running five years ago. My goal is to complete a half marathon in each Canadian province. So far, I have run in five provinces. Rug-hooking is another creative outlet, and I also enjoy cooking and baking. My bridge students love that my sons no longer live at home to eat all of my cakes and brownies before I can get them to the club!

Any advice for teachers thinking of applying to the Master Teacher’s program?

My best advice for teachers applying to the Master Teacher’s program is to be knowledgeable about this game we love.