David Bird on the ACBL’s Facebook page David Bird

This week, David Bird will be answering your questions on the ACBL Facebook page.

That’s right, David Bird, best known for his work with Barabara Seagram on the 25 Conventions series (and over 100 other books besides!), will be answering a few of your questions in conjunction with this month’s giveaway of a choice of one his books. Some of his new titles like, Pocket Guides to Declarer Play and Defensive Play, published by Master Point Press in November 2013 and March 2014, respectively.

Declarer Play    Defensive Play

You can find the post on Facebook here on the ACBL’s page. See if your questions are answered (in a few days) and be sure to ‘like’ the ACBL on Facebook so you don’t miss any exciting upcoming events.