Joyce Penn

It was with great sadness that we heard that Joyce Penn had died.  Joyce worked with us for many years on the ABTA Teacher of the Year project, and her efforts were a critical part of its success..  She will be greatly missed, both personally and professionally.

The following appreciation is from Henry Meguid, President of ABTA.


Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Joyce Penn. Joyce passed away this morning. She has been a valued member of ABTA for many years and she will be missed.

Her contributions to ABTA and the bridge community are numerous. She served as President and single handedly managed the transition to a new accounting and membership system. She chaired the Bylaws Committee and was instrumental in drafting many of the organizational Standing Rules. She was also a member of the ABTA Credentialing Committee and served on the ACBL Board of Governors and on the Club and Teacher Committee. Joyce was also the owner and manager of a successful bridge club in the Columbus area where she taught and attracted many students and teachers to join the ACBL and ABTA respectively.  

Joyce was known for her devotion to ABTA and an impeccable attention to details which served ABTA well over the years.

We will miss her!

Henry Meguid
ABTA President