2021 ABTA Book of the Year Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 American Bridge Teachers’ Association’s Book of the Year awards! We’re pleased to announce the following Master Point Press winners:

Barbara’s Bridge Tips by Barbara Seagram is the winner of the Intermediate Book of the Year award!

Whether you have been playing for a while or you’re not very experienced, this book will help you to move your game up to the next level. The tips cover all aspects of bridge – bidding, play and defense. Advice and examples are drawn from material Barbara Seagram has developed for her students over the last twenty years – it’s like having your own personal bridge coach sitting beside you!

Runner-up in the intermediate category was Coming Back To Bridge by Paul Goldfinger.

Has it been a long time since you played bridge?
Bridge is a game that people often decide to learn as empty-nesters. There are also those who learned the game when they were younger — but while they would like to start playing again, they are nervous about how much the game may have changed. There are new ways of bidding, new conventions, and other things they will need to know before they are confident about playing even with friends. That’s exactly the audience for this book — those who are ‘coming back to bridge’. It summarizes the key changes that someone who has not played for many years will encounter, and explains simply and clearly what they will need to know to be comfortable in the modern game.

Runner-up in the intermediate category was Winning at Matchpoints by Bill Treble.

Most players would agree that matchpoints is harder than IMPs – it’s certainly different. Yet many players approach the two forms of scoring in the same way. In this book, the author explains the differences in approach, the whys and wherefores of the right way to bid, play and defend at matchpoint scoring for optimum results.

Runner-up in the advanced category was Useful Probability for Bridge Players by Julian Laderman.

Beginners rely heavily on bridge maxims. Are they accurate? What is the mathematics behind them? Useful Probability for Bridge Players examines these questions. The emphasis here is on ‘useful’. This is not an academic tome, but a discussion of the aspects of probability that every bridge player needs to know and understand. Topics include suit splits, suit combinations, percentage plays, the Principle of Restricted Choice, and even the application of probability to bidding decisions.

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