Teaching Materials

By Barbara Seagram

I am more comfortable teaching and writing and using my own materials, but the Audrey Grant ACBL materials are excellent.

When teaching “new territory” content, e.g. squeezes or counting or defense, I rely on Eddie Kantar’s Lessons by Kantar. This is the most marvellous collection of teaching material that I have ever laid eyes on. Hundreds of hands, each with something for the declarer, something for defender and something for bidding. They are wonderful and the students love the hands. There is a warm up section in each chapter. I do all of this using “cards on the table” and lay out a guide card in the centre of the table and make them put out the cards I call.

In my regular classes, boards are all pre-duped, in my mini seminars, I “call cards”. They lay them out face-down and then we go over them after they have played them. The Defense Course (using Kantar hands a lot) really turns them on.