Build your Business and Keep your Students Playing

By Barbara Seagram

Celebrate Birthdays

When I ran a large bridge club, we used to give each member a free game once a year in the month of their birthday. We have an afternoon birthday game and an evening one each month. They play free, receive an invitation in the mail with their newsletter and receive a gift and birthday cake that session. They love that.

We send our students to tournaments locally. When they come back with silver master points, there is a glow and the addiction is sealed! Encourage them to spread their wings. They will come back.

Create a Membership Program

Consider charging a membership in your bridge club. This gives a discount to anyone playing. There are many benefits of membership . It is a great source of revenue and breeds loyalty. Maybe try having a frequent player card that they have stamped. It must be used up within one month. Some days are double stamping.

Distribute Newsletters

I would suggest a monthly newsletter. See my website at My quarterly newsletter can be viewed there. A newsletter is an awesome way to get the word out. Students really like getting it. We hand them out at club and then mail those that have not been collected. They love seeing their names in print.

Join the ABTA

The ABTA (American Bridge Teachers Association) is a fantastic organization to belong to and they have a great magazine quarterly. Their convention is absolutely fantastic. Next year it will be in Washington, DC and I urge all of you to attend. You will come back filled with great ideas and a new enthusiasm for your career. Just meeting and talking with all these bridge teachers is truly a fun and great experience.

Plus, you will receive e mails of bridge tips and suggestions from lots of teachers if you sign up for these. They are great fun. You can listen to ideas from very experienced players regularly this way. You can also go for regular “chats” online with bridge teachers. The best asset is that you can obtain Master Teacher Status if you apply for it and are accepted. This is a nice perk.

I could go on and on. If you have questions or are interested in further information, feel free to e mail me at

Best wishes to all of you.