How to Run a Successful Novice / Intermediate Program

By Barbara Seagram

The following posts have been compiled from the article, Running a Successful Novice/Intermediate Program at a Bridge Club by Barbara Seagram, owner of Barbara Seagram School of Bridge, written September 30, 2008

The following are just my thoughts. Remember first and foremost that you have to be quite mad to even dream about running a bridge club in the first place; the revenue per square foot (and you need lots of space) never is enough, the expenses are high and the workload enormous. My husband and I each work 18 hours of every single day. The desks never clear! You will never get rich doing it but on a scale of job satisfaction, I reckon it’s a 10 out of 10. I feel sure that most of you have thought of much of this already but I am just going to roll it into my nutshell anyway.

Running a Program: Attracting New Students

Barbara Seagram, Master Teacher, shares a few tips to help you bring in more students and build your business wisely.

How to Encourage New Students to Play

Be a good matchmaker, provide cheat sheets, and create opportunities to practice: Barbara Seagram shares her thoughts on how to encourage new and novice students to play more often.

Planning your Courses and Games

Barbara Seagram shares her tips and tricks for planning, and running, a successful novice/intermediate program.

Build your Business and Keep your Students Playing

From distributing newsletters to celebrating your students’ birthdays, investing in your business will keep students coming to you. Here, Barbara Seagram shares some handy tips to help your grow your bridge teaching business.

Teaching Materials

Barbara Seagram’s advice for teaching materials to use in a novice/intermediate program.