BIL Session Notes

A selection of BIL session notes provided by Ellen Pomer for her public BIL class.

Ellen Pomer, better known as ‘Caitlin’ online, is founder of Bridge Forum International ( the largest online bridge school featuring [prominent expert affiliates and teachers from around the world. Ellen, who lives in Toronto, Canada, has contributed to many online publications, as well as to The Bridge Teacher and The Bridge Bulletin.

Ellen Pomer has generously provided session notes from her public BIL class for BIL, the Beginner Intermediate Lounge, is an Online Library for Beginner and Intermediate Bridge Players at

BIL Session 1: “Introduction to Counting Part 1”

By Ellen Pomer on Sep 18, 2014.

In Ellen Caitlin Pomer’s first session on counting hands she introduces the reader to the practice of ‘counting’. Within she details when a player needs to count, discusses several important terms, and provides suggestions for further, in-depth reading. Her lesson ends with five practical examples, four which are covered in full and the last (homework) which is explained fully in her next lesson.

BIL Session 2: “Introduction to Counting Part 2”

By Ellen Pomer on Oct 02, 2014.

In Ellen Caitlin Pomer’s second session she focuses primarily on the practice of using counting to determine the shape of the opponents’ hand. She goes on to detail particular counting practices in certain situations, such as notrump, and introduces new terms to the reader. As in her first session she includes five more practical examples; the first covering the answer to the homework question from the last session, three in-depth examples, and a fifth for homework.