This prestigious award has been granted every year since 1982, to acknowledge excellent bridge books for students and teachers. The responsibility of the committee for these awards is to consider the value to bridge teachers and their students of all products sent in to the committee. 

The awards are given in three categories:

Information for 2018 Book Award Submission

If you have a newly published book/software/course that you would like to submit for consideration please contact the committee chairman (see below) for a list of the five committee members’ names and addresses as each committee member needs to receive a copy. Updates of existing books/software will not be considered unless substantially different from the original published work. An award will not necessarily be made in all categories if the committee judges that no book or software is of superior quality or value in that category. Please note that it is not the purpose of this committee to offer critique on entries received; only the author of the winning entry in each category will be contacted. Awards for works published since April 1, 2017 will be presented during the ABTA Atlanta Conference in 2018.

DEADLINE: All award submissions must be received by May 1, 2018.

Committee chair: Pat Harrington

Additional committee members: Sam Marks, Henry Meguid, Brenda Montague and Karen Walker.

ABTA Book of the Year Award Winners