Applebasket Entry, 2016

Submitted by:  Ray Parnell - 2nd Place

After finding many of my students struggling to remember the responses to a takeout double, I came up with the following diagram to help them remember when to make the cheapest response and when to give a jump response.


After explaining that after partner makes a takeout double, there are only about 14 points left for the responder and advancer to share. If they each get their fair share (good luck on that), they would each get 7 points.

So if the advancer gets their fair share or less (0-7), they make the cheapest response to the takeout double. However, if they get more than their fair share of the remaining points (8-11) they should make a jump bid.

And if lightning strikes with their own opening hand (12+ hcp), they should cuebid to wake partner up to the wonderful opportunity.