Please note that this program can change at any time. 


Program for ABTA Toronto 18th July 2017- 21st July 2017
Monday eve.17th July'17 6.00p.m
  Interview Master Teachers

Work Party

Tuesday 18th July'17    
  9.00a.m.-3.00p.m.   Art tour   ABTA Board Meeting
  6.00p.m.-6.30p.m.   Registration and check-in
  6:30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.   Jeff and Ginny Schuett " Card Combinations"
  8,00p.m. -8.15p.m   Break
  8:15 p.m. - 9.45p.m.   Patty Tucker "Splinter Bids by responder over 1♥ and 1♠ opening bids."
Wednesday 19th July '17
  8.00-9.00a.m.   Continental Breakfast
  8.30.a.m.- 9.00a.m.   Annual ABTA Membership Meeting
  9.00a.m.-9.10a.m.   Welcome and announcements
  9.10a.m.-10.10a.m.   Audrey Grant "What Multi-Level material really means with Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Intermediate +  students"
  10.10a.m.   Break
  10.20a.m.-11.00a.m.   John Rayner " Some ideas about bridge and teaching"
  11.00a.m.-11.30.a.m.   Rosemary Boden " More money- less time"
  11.30.a.m.-noon   Bob Morris
  12.00 noon-1-30p.m.   Lunch at Badali's for ABTA groups
  1.45p.m.-2.30p.m.   Chris Moll
  2.30-3.15p.m.   Julian Laderman "A dozen lessons from AKQ2"
  3.15-3.30p.m   Break
  3.30p.m.-4.15p.m.   Corey Krantz "Uncommon Common Auctions"
  5.00p.m.   Dinner at" Fred's Not Here" and Carole King "Beautiful"
Thursday 20th July.'17
  8.00a.m.-9.00a.m.   Continental Breakfast
  9.00a.m-10.30a.m.   Teacher of the year- finalist and winner presentation
  10.30.a.-10.45.a.m.   Break
  10.45a.m.-11.15a.m.   Jerry Clerkin
  11.15a.m.-11.45a.m.   Ray Lee "New Books from Master Point Press" p.m.  

Sam Marks "The Business of Teaching Bridge"

  1.45 p.m.-2.30p.m.   Terry Collier "Wind of Change - Technology Friend or Foe"
  2:30 p.m.-2.45p.m.   Jim Maier "What's new at the Baron Barclay"
  2.45p.m.-3.15p.m.   Teri Adino "Starting from Scratch Teaching Kids Bridge"
  3.15p.m.-3.30p.m.   Break
  3.30p.m.-4.30p.m.   Jerry Helms "Mini Lessons from the best of 'Ask Jerry' "
  6.30 p.m drinks (cash bar) for 7.00p.m.   Awards and Banquet
Friday 21st July'17
  8.00a.m.-9.00a.m.   Post Convention Board Meeting
  9.00a.m.- 9.20a.m.   Linda Green "Interactive partnership bidding practice" -Vu-Bridge
  9.20a.m.-10.05am.   Bob Hamman
  10.05a.m.-10.50a.m.   Zia Mahmood "Ask Zia?"