Please note that this program can change at any time. 

Program for ABTA Washington 19th July 2016- 22nd July 2016

Mon July 18th 6:00 pm Interview Master Teachers
  7:30 pm Work Party
Tues July 19th 8:00–10:30 Pre Conference Board Meeting
  11:15 Meet at Concierge desk to walk to Petits Plats for Newcomer Brunch
  11:30–1:00 Newcomers Brunch
  1:00–1:30 Registration
  1:30–4:30 Bridge workshops: Six Options to Increase Your Marketing and Teaching Effectiveness
    Henry Meguid: Powerpoint: An easy way to involve your students
    Patty Tucker: Bridge Composer - an alternative way to make bridge hands with ease
    Didier Levy: Vu Bridge - Teaching with Vu-Bridge
    Linda Green: DMPRO - how to make your lessons for students
    Stephanie Threlkeld: How to use the social media to advertise classes ( from ACBL)
    Morton Bilde and Kren from Denmark “Bridge+More”: New teaching module
  Time TBA (eve) Morton and Kren - Practical demonstrations and technology with Q+A
Wed July 20th 8:00–9:00 Breakfast and General Board Meeting
  9:15–9:30 Jim Maier: "What is new at Baron Barclay"
  9:30–12:00 Audrey Grant: Appreciating the Power of Multi Level Lessons,The Time has Come: Teaching 2/1 to Beginners, Better Bridge Courses using professionally prepared data presentations.
  1:30–1:45 Stephanie Threlkeld: " What is new in Marketing and education at ACBL"
  1:45–2:15 Robert Todd: "Developing your students with a Level Based teaching curriculum"
  2:15–2:45 Julian Laderman: " A Stepping Stone for Real Beginners"
  2:45–3:00 Break
  3:00–3:45 Rosemary Boden: Telling isn't Teaching
  3:45–4:15 Steven Smith: " Great Developments from Great Game Products"
  4:15–4:45 Chris Moll: "Looking Ahead Beyond Basics"
  5:15–10:30 Optional dinner and bus tour

Thurs July 21st 8:00–9:00 Breakfast
  9:00–10:15 Teacher of the year awards.
  10:15–10:30 Break
  10:30–11:00 Linda Lee: About the ABTA website
  11:0 –11:45 Corey Krantz: " Teaching Slam Concepts"
  1:30–2:15 Ray Lee: Masterpoint Press
  2:15–3:00 Bob Morris: Advanced 2/1 Topics
  3:00–3:15 Break
  3:15-4:45 Jerry Helms: " More of my favorite lesson hands" and "Ask Jerry?"
  6:00–7:00 Cash bar prior to Awards Banquet
  7:00–10:00 Awards and Banquet

Fri July 22nd 8:00–9:00 Post Board Meeting
  9:00–9:45 Jerry/Dennis Clerkin: " Expert advice on matchpoint over calls "
  9:45–10:30 Kerri Sanborn: " Inferences to take after the Opening Lead"