Please note that the 2014 contact for the Master Teacher Program is Dee Berry, who can be reached by email or by mail at 7211 Harrow Place, Arlington, Wa.98223 


2013 Master Teacher Program for Atlanta ABTA Convention


by Betty Starzec, Texas

                 With the new look of the ABTA’s website, we hope you will search the site for information about the ABTA’s Master Teacher Program.  Just prior to press time the website went live from its testing phase.  Hopefully, you will go through the information provided and get a full understanding of the Master Teacher Program.  It is one of the most important benefits of being a member of the ABTA.   Achieving the status of Master Teacher not only allows yourself to be recognized by your students and peers alike as an exceptional teacher but also provides you with the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are among the best in the ABTA.  As well, being able to add the Master Teacher designation to your resume means you have the potential to be singled out by new students as the teacher they want to have, which translates to more remuneration for you. 

                  The definition of an ABTA Master Teacher is not a one-sentence description.  The Membership Credentials Committee attempts to gain insight not only into a candidate’s bridge knowledge but also regards communication skills, attitude and teaching expertise among the necessary components in deciding whether a candidate is a Master Teacher.   The process of becoming a Master Teacher has evolved dramatically since the ABTA’s first membership plan in 1969.  The Membership Credentials Committee was established in 1993 to help design a process that would assist the committee in determining what constitutes a successful candidate. 

The interview process now consists of the following:

1.              A pre-prepared mini lesson on a topic of the candidates choosing.  This mini lesson must be no longer than 15 minutes.

2.              Discussion of a pre-assigned difficult bridge problem which the candidate is encouraged to research using all available resources.

3.              Questions regarding bidding, play, defense and to problems students might present in a teaching situation.  When candidates arrive 45 minutes prior to their interview they are given these questions to study.

The length of the interview is approximately 45 minutes, but definitely not longer than one hour.  If you are considering requesting an interview, please read the information provided at our website here .  It offers a concise description of the Master Teacher Program, an application form to download and sample questions to help you assess your readiness to go through the process.  You can also request a Pretest which will be evaluated  to help you make your decision.

                  The basic requirements are:

                  1.              At least three years of continuous ABTA membership.

                  2.              At least 100 hours of professional (for remuneration) bridge teaching experience.

                  3.              Attendance at a full ABTA Convention and Seminar.

                  4.              Successful completion of an interview with the Membership Credentials Committee.

                  The convention begins in Atlanta on July 30.  The Master Teacher interviews will take place on Monday evening, July 29, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Candidates should make sure their travel plans assure that they are available at this time.  Since there is very little free time during the convention, we are unable to offer alternative interview times.  Potential candidates should, therefore, have their application packet submitted by the deadline of Friday, June 28.    Send your application to the Membership Credentials Committee Chairman, Ginny Schuett via email at:  You are encouraged to email your application, but if you must submit it by mail sent it to Ginny at 1071 Oakhurst Lane, Riverwoods, IL  60015.  After receiving completed a completed application, a candidate will be sent the pre-assigned bridge problem and given an interview time and location at the hotel.

The committee hopes that you will consider applying this year.