Congratulations to this year's winner of the 2003 ABTA MPP Book of the Year Award:

25 Steps to Learning 2/1

by Paul Thurston

Are you ready to switch over to today's most popular new bidding method? If you know how to bid using Standard American,you can make the move to the modern Two-over-One system using the 25 easy Steps contained in this book. Among the topics covered are:

- How Two-over-One changes your basic system and approach
- Which parts of your system don’t change (many!)
- How Two-over-One auctions work
- The Forcing 1NT
- Rebids by Opener and Responder

- Optional gadgets that go well with Two-over-One bidding, including:
> Bergen Raises
> New Minor Forcing
> Criss-Cross Minor-suit raises
> Fourth Suit Forcing
> Weak Jump Shifts
> Ingberman over Reverses

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