Congratulations to this year's winner of the 2010 ABTA Book of the Year Award:

A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play

by Julian Laderman

Publisher: Master Point Press

This book addresses the thought processes that novice declarers must develop and practice. What features of a bridge hand lead an expert to select the correct line of play from all those available? The carefully chosen examples in this book will help advancing players to recognize those features and take action accordingly.

Praise for Julian Laderman's first book, A Bridge to Simple Squeezes:

"As you may deduce from the ABTA award, the book is easy to read and easy to follow. If you have hitherto thought of squeezes as too difficult, perhaps now is the time to think again."

— Julian Pottage

"(The) focus is on making simple squeezes accessible, and in this (the author) succeeds admirably. Just follow the clear explantions and gradually more-challenging presentation."

— The Bridge World

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