Henry Meguid: 2018 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Henry Meguid on his win this year. At the American Bridge Teachers’ convention in Atlanta, a short video of each teacher in action played before Henry Meguid was awarded his crystal plaque and check.

September 2018 Ray Lee caught up with Henry Meguid to interview him about teaching and his recent win!

Runners up this year were Bruce Greenspan, from Bonita Springs, FL, Edward Scanlon III, from York, PA, and Jim Ricker from Knoxville, TN.

This year’s Teacher of the Year committee was comprised of Barbara Seagram, Joyce Penn, Tina Radding, Kathie Walsh and Chairman Richard Braunstein.

Master Point Press is proud to support the ABTA with this award, which recognizes excellence in teaching, a pursuit so important in sustaining the game and helping it flourish.


Photo credit: Sally Sparrow at bridgeblogging.com